The 2021 William Main Seminar Series

The Intersections of Forestry and Human Health

The 2021 Seminar Series begins Tuesday, February 9th, and takes place on select Tuesdays throughout the Spring semester.

There is wide-spread recognition among Californians that past management practices have created for-ests in an untenable state. Forest health is compromised to the point that immediate, large-scale interven-tion is required. But how do past, present and future management practices impact the health of commu-nities in California? The 2021 William Main Seminar will deal with the intersection of forest and human health, examining how management of California’s forests impacts the well being of individuals and communities throughout the state. This year’s series will bring practitioners from forestry, academia, NGOs, wildland fire fighting and Tribal communities to Berkeley share their perspectives on how past, current and future management of California’s forests has impacted the health and wellbeing of its population.

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